Styling Tips for Choosing Outfits for Your Photo Session

You've booked your photo session and we'll be documenting some amazing memories, yayyy! You might be thinking "Oh man, what am I going to wear?". There are so many options, which is great, but we don't want you to be overwhelmed. Don't worry, I'm here to help guide you along the way so you feel comfortable AND look good. We want you to look your best and your photos to turn out beautifully!

Set The Tone + Style For Your Session

When you start to planning for your photo session, think about the story you want to share through your photos. Thinking of who you are as a couple/family can help inspire you with your wardrobe choices, colour palette and mood. This is an opportunity to capture memories and express who you are together.

To help find inspiration, look at the relationship you share. Are you adventurous and love being out in nature? Do you love making breakfast together on Sunday mornings, lounging on the couch and cuddling or maybe going out for walks in your neighbourhood? What speaks to you? Once you decide what part of your relationship you'd like to focus on, then you can start working through the other pieces.

Choose Outfits That Complement Each Other

Choosing outfits that complement each other in both colour and style will help elevate your photos!

Avoid wearing the exact same colour and go for ones that complement each other instead. A good rule of thumb is to select a colour palette and stay within it. When in doubt, neutrals or earth tones typically work great. Whites, creams, beiges, greys, or browns usually always look good!

Do your best to match each other in style as well for a more cohesive look. Are you going for more casual or dressy? Whether it's house party jeans and tees or black tie gala dresses and dress shirt/pants, just be sure you're going to the same party! If you can't decide between casual or dressy, bring both!

I'd recommend staying away from several patterns, bright neon colours, or logos if possible. Try to avoid bright loud plaids if possible. If you're dying for some colour, a beautiful dress in a bright colour is always fun, just make sure the other outfit colours are toned down to complement, rather than compete with it. Same goes for patterns!

Select Outfits That Complement Your Environment

When choosing outfits for your shoot, it helps to take into consideration the environment you'll be shooting in.

When shooting outdoors and in the mountains take a more neutral, earth-toned approach. Think white, beige, tan, khaki, light browns, light greys, etc. It will complement the surrounding area and ultimately help keep your images timeless and cohesive! You can pop without blending in. We want your emotion, connection and mood of the environment to be the main focus, rather than a bright, distracting outfit which pulls attention away from the intimacy.

If shooting against green trees, a mountainous backdrop, or blue water a good rule of thumb is to wear lighter colours rather than darker ones. It's always fun (and flattering) if the bride decides to wear something white!

Choose Outfits That Are Season Friendly

Weather in the mountains can change drastically and that can make choosing an outfit challenging! You never really know what the weather will be until the day comes. Mountain life, am I right? It's best to be prepared with layering options that complement, just in case. A light jacket, or a hat for Fall; scarves, mittens and boots for Winter, as well as a coat for in between takes to keep you warm. You can layer up if it gets chilly or take them off if they're not needed. If it's a cooler summer day you can wear a warmer top with shorts or a more summery top with a long skirt or pants.

Be sure to check the weather the day of so you don't end up too cold or too hot. Making sure you're a comfortable temperature will ultimately affect how your photos turn out.

Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In

I think we can all agree that comfort is everything! You should be able to move around, since I typically ask you to walk, run, jump and sit. We want you to enjoy the moment as best you can, rather than be concerned with how your outfit looks. If you're always adjusting your clothing and uncomfortable, that can come through in your photos. Something that breathes is great.

Ok, now shoes! This might seem obvious but make sure you can walk in them comfortably. If your shoot is on a beach or on rocky terrain, be sure to wear appropriate footwear. If you're hiking to your photo location, wear your hiking boots and bring a change of shoes for the shoot.

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Stay True To Your Style

It is super important that you are comfortable and a huge tip is to stay true to your style. I would encourage you to wear what you would typically wear on a date night, or out and about on the weekend.

If you stay true to yourselves, ultimately your photos will reflect you as a couple or family! When you look back on your memories captured, your first thought will be "this is us"! Try not to overthink it, and the result will be beautiful photos that you will always love!

Extra Tips

  • Coordinate and plan your outfits together ahead of time, so you're not rushing to put something together as you run out the door.
  • Bring multiple outfits, and extra layers--just incase!
  • Ensure your clothes are wrinkle and stain free
  • Check out my Pinterest for more style inspiration
  • Here's an additional inspiration board I curated to further help (not my photos, but I love the outfits)

You've got this!

Reach out if you have any further questions. I can't wait for your session!